Workout Routines Schedules That Fit in With Your Lifestyle

There’s no doubt that going to the gym regularly is an excellent way for you to stay in shape, lose weight or to get the body of your dreams. Finding the workout routines schedules that really work for you, however, can be a little bit difficult. The reason why this is the case is because many of us tend to have very busy lives and unless we are willing to adjust our schedule to a certain extent, being able to take care of the schedules properly could be a bit difficult.

One of the most important parts about going to the gym is the fact that you are going to be going there regularly. It will do you absolutely no good if you only go for a week and try to fit in a workout schedule that absolutely is not going to work for you. More than likely, you’re going to become discouraged and you’re going to stop going altogether. It is a much better idea for you to have a lighter schedule and to stick with it for the long term than to have a heavier schedule that you only stick with for a week or two. Here are some that may work out with your schedule, whether it is busy or not.

One Day on One Day off

This is one of the most popular types of workout schedules and many people have been able to successfully do this on a regular basis. You will end up going to the gym about three days every week, typically on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You may also want to switch this around so that you are going on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday because you would be able to have less people at the gym, since most people tend to do the opposing days.

The important part about having this type of workout routines schedules is the fact that you are very consistent with your efforts. You would not be working out the same muscles every day and it is also possible for you to do a light workout of the entire body, three days a week. Make sure that you listen to your body in this regard, however, and if you feel that you’re overdoing it or you see that you are not having any growth, make sure that you stop and take an entire week to rest.

Alternating Upper and Lower Body Workouts

Of all of the different workout routines schedules that you might be taking part in, this one may just work out the best for you. The reason why that is the case is because you will still only be going to the gym three days per week but you will actually be giving your body more of a rest period in between workouts. This gives your body the chance to recuperate and to be ready to work out again, when its time comes up in the rotation. Since most of the growth in your body is going to take place during the rest periods, it is easy to see how this is an excellent way to do it.

A typical schedule for alternating upper and lower body would be to work out your upper body on Monday and Friday of one week and then Wednesday of the following week. In the same schedule, you will be working out your lower body on Wednesday of one week and then the opposing Monday and Friday of the following week. You have a minimum of four days between each workout in this way, and that is plenty of time for your muscles to rest and recuperate.

Get into the Gym Every Day

If your schedule permits, one of the workout routines schedules that works well for many people is to get into the gym for a little bit of time each and every day. The real key to this is the fact that you are going to be consistent in going to the gym and it will become more of a routine and be much easier to follow.

If you’re going to the gym every day, it is important for you to limit the amount of time that you are in the gym in order not to overdo it and get burned out on being there. That is why it is important for you to exercise smart instead of exercising too much in this timeframe. Many people will work out their muscles two days per week and then do cardiovascular workouts on the opposing days. This is typically done through high-intensity interval training, one of the most effective ways of exercising. You can often get in and out of the gym in under half hour and get more benefits than if you were to do a slow term exercise for hours at a time.

Exercise One Day a Week

One final way of exercising is for two different groups of people. This is one of those workout routines schedules that will fit in for people that either are extremely busy or for those that want to see the most growth for their effort. If you work out properly, and do multi-joint exercises to absolute failure, sticking with one set each, you can actually exercise one day a week.

By giving yourself an entire week to rest and recuperate, you are allowing your body the chance to renew itself and for your muscles to completely heal in between exercise routines. Each and every time you go into the gym, you will notice growth, both in the size of your muscles and in the strength of your muscles as well.

If you would like to try working out this way, it is one of the most convenient workout routines schedules that exist. Not only that, you will see a lot of results for your efforts and you can end up getting a lot of workout time in, while still only going to the gym about three hours per month.


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