UP3 by Jawbone Activity Tracker Review

I pre-ordered the Jawbone UP3 by Jawbone Activity Tracker from the maker. When I originally requested it, I was anticipating it to be, as Jawbone promoted, the most innovative monitoring system available on the industry. I’ll tell you now, Jawbone did not stay up to their marketing, and I am very frustrated in the item I obtained on even the most primary of stages. (Please observe that I analyzed this monitoring system from the viewpoint of being a sprinter, for which action trackers are preferably suitable.)


  1. It has better rest monitoring than most items available on the industry. Since I like to see how my action, consuming, and resting routines impact the high top quality of my rest, this is a big plus for me, and it’s awesome to have all of my wellness monitoring in one practical group.
  2. It’s relatively little and light and portable in comparison to most items available on the industry. I’m used to dressed in method bodyweight wristbands and wristbands, and this seems as though I’ve just included another to my hand.
  3. It paths operating and exercises the way it’s expected to and works this operate like any other similar monitoring system available on the industry.
  4. The partner app for the iPhone is excellent. Jawbone nailed the demonstration and simple to use indicates of interacting useful details rather than basically offering charts with raw details. It translates your details for you and provides tips on how to enhance your way of life and wellness.

UP3 by Jawbone Activity Tracker


  1. It’s not waterproof after all. Jawbone created a guarantee and did not offer. The group is merely waterproof. I compensated for waterproof, but since I’m not a swimmer, I let that one go.
  2. It’s a battle every time I try to put it on. I use the mid-sized UP24 perfectly. Unfortunately, the all-encompassing function on the UP3 was badly organized and, therefore, too huge. Now, as if getting the hold closed in the first place was not enough of a task, getting the group limited enough to be sure all of the receptors are touching my epidermis is absolutely frustrating.
  3. The D band was a terrible concept. The hold isn’t so excellent either. And, oh really, if you have bony arms, the receptors on the within of the group next to the D band usually dig in almost shateringly. The hold consistently grabs on any of my outfits that has an start incorporate, and the D band has handled to both bruise and cut my hand in the brief two several weeks that I’ve been using it, making the group unbearably unpleasant to put on. I’ve ceased dressed in it for two times now, and I still have represents. It never dropped off my hand on its own like it has for some people, but I wasn’t exactly satisfied dressed in it either.

UP3 Jawbone Activity Tracker

If you have any concerns about the UP3 by Jawbone Activity Tracker that I haven’t responded to here, please you can get in touch with me or cause a query on my evaluation. I’m the type who really likes a top quality evaluation that allows me to make an advised buying choice, so I would be more than satisfied to discuss my encounter and offer that same probability to you.

UP3 by Jawbone Activity Tracker, Black

UP3 by Jawbone Activity Tracker, Black

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