Is A Secondary Facelift In Atlanta Surgery The Right Choice For You?

Facelift surgery is not something that any facial plastic surgeon of the patient takes lightly. When a patient decides to go through the surgical procedure, it stands out as a delicate procedure that helps to erase years from the face and give a very dramatic result for patients. Although there is no surgical procedure that completely helps to freeze the hands of time, a facelift in Atlanta is one that helps to slow down the effects of passing time.

For some post-surgical facelift patients, the entire concept of a secondary lift is never a top concern. However, other patients may consider a second facelift surgery at some point, even after years of their first one.  Understanding exactly what motivates such patients to pursue a second surgery could help you to make the decision.

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Reasons Why Patients Opt for a Secondary Lift

When patients opt for a follow-up or secondary facelift surgery, the very first thing to consider is the consultation with experienced facial Crispin plastic Surgery surgeons who can take their time to assess the eligibility of their candidates and help them reach their optimal results. Due to this reason, many return to the plastic surgeon that performed the very first facelift. If possible, an experienced surgeon should be able to achieve the same results as with the second or revision surgery. Note that secondary facelifts are surgical procedures planned on an individual basis, so it may and sometimes, not be possible to see the results soon again or have the secondary surgery. At such times, talking to a trusted plastic surgeon can help you to clear all your doubts.

In some rare cases, some patients who are not looking to recreate the results of the first surgery or hope to make additional changes opt for the procedure to correct the results. Are you feeling that your first facelift results led to unwanted effects, such as pinching, unevenness or pulling of the skin? Then you should consult with another facial surgeon to help you correct or plan an effective procedure for better results.

When Do Patients Seek a Revision Surgery?

Assuming a patient is happy with their results following a primary facelift procedure, these results will typically last for about 10-12 years. Within this time, the patient will experience a refreshed and rejuvenated look after the surgery. They may seem to age slower than their family and friends, always appearing a bit younger. However, time won’t stop and aging is something that will continue to show its effects. Although you will still appear younger than you would have without a facelift, you may not be feeling rejuvenated. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, across the US, facial plastic surgeons continue to notice a rise in secondary facelifts, which could be due to one of the following factors.

  • An increase in middle-aged women across the US
  • Longer average lifespan
  • Increased interests among younger patients, sometimes even as young or early as the 40s
  • Growing popularity in facelift trends

Get to Know Your Facelift Surgeon

You continue to search for a facelift surgeon and find many options. You may have an idea about what you want, but it is easy to get overwhelmed completely when the time to find the right surgeon comes. If you are not sure about what you would like to explore, then here are some considerations you should reflect on when choosing your surgeon.

Communication is Important

During the consultation, your surgeon depends on you to communicate your goals for cosmetic treatments, and you are likely to speak about what you want regarding the outcomes of the surgeons. It is important that you speak to your surgeon, express your worries and try to establish a good communication basis in order to get the best results.

Needs Change Over Time

If you are starting out with skin refreshing or anti-aging procedures, as your treatment plans age, you will need to go for a revision surgery soon. However, the difference here is that priorities change. If you want to change your treatment plan, it is easier to do it with a surgeon you know and trust. Note that your surgeon will be familiar with your overall goals, lifestyle, and budget, making it easier for you to switch your treatments.

Establish Trust

When performed by experienced plastic surgeons, or trusted ones, that’s the key to having the best surgery. You should build a rapport with your surgeon who would help you to trust their decision and make you feel more at ease during the procedure and ensuring you relax.

The key to a successful facelift surgery that requires no revision is to make sure that you choose the right surgeon, who has enough years of experience and the right skills to deliver the best results. It is advisable that you go through their portfolio, and ensure they are board certified experts.

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