Reduce Pressure Sores and Improves Your Posture While Sitting

If you spend a lot of time in an office, driving a vehicle, or sitting in any other type of situation, then the chair you sit in can have a lot to do with your health. Often people with back pain develop it due to the lengthy amount of time they spend sitting in a poor or inadequate chair. Sometimes this comes on quickly or can develop gradually over time.

If you suffer from back problems in your chair, or if you suffer from such ailments as coccyx, then one solution you can consider is a foam seat cushions for pressure sores. Often by using a seat cushion as an accessory to your office chair, car seat, or even chair in your home, you can greatly improve your sitting situation and improve the health of your back accordingly.

Reduce Pressure Sores and Improves Your Posture While Sitting

Style and versatility

Seat cushions come in many styles and designs, but foam seat cushions these days often use modern memory foam which is an excellent material for any type of chair cushion. Memory foam cushions are made of a unique material that is soft but is amazingly supportive to the body, especially for important places like your back. You’ll often find lumbar support cushions made from memory foam for the same reasons.

Improvement in Posture

By using a foam seat cushion, your back can get the slight improvement in
posture and support that can alleviate the pain that develops over long periods of inadequate sitting. Consider a wedge type cushion that supports your body in a forward position, especially if you are looking for a model for an office chair. This will naturally position your body forward and provide relief for the muscles that fight to support your back and torso forward as it works on an office desk.

Areas of use

What’s also great about a foam seat riser cushion is that it is portable. So once you find one you like, you can take it with you from office to home to wherever you plan on spending a lot of time sitting. You can even take it with you on vacation or to sporting events (where sitting on uncomfortable stadium chairs or bleachers is very common). Often an individual who finds one that works well for their body and back, they are likely to use it in multiple places.

Certainly you can shop for a new chair or office furniture and hopefully find the perfect solution to your back pain. But a faster, cheaper, and often just as effective solution to back pain due to sitting is a foam seat cushion.


If you are truly looking for comfort from a seat cushion, you might as well go for back comfort as well. There are many companies out there that create seat cushions to promote circulation and reduce back discomfort through reducing pressure on the joints. Many are made of memory foam to contour to your body. Many are equipped with an area that can be removed if people have inflamed or sensitive tailbones. People with sensitive tailbones will often create a posture to compensate for comfort. When this happens, there will be stress on the rest of the spine as well.

Seat cushions come in many other designs to meet the demands of comfort and spinal posture. There are specific seats to correct your pelvic angle, preserve the curve of your back, and help maintain your sitting posture. These cushions are also great for travel to the office, or in the car.
If you are looking to sit for an extended period, there is a cushion out there that helps you to do this in the most comfortable manner. Certain cushions are built to distribute your weight evenly over the entire surface. This prevents you from getting those uncomfortable pressure points when you have to sit for extended periods. You won’t feel like you need to keep shifting back and forth in your seat.

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