Is Cholesterol The Cause of Heart Diseases? Learn How to Avoid Heart Disease and Get Well!

Since your early years in life you have had the opportunity of being taught that cholesterol is bad, I have also been taught and read just that for so long. I had believed that lie for over thirty years on my life now; it’s amazing how we can believe a lie for that long in our lives. I wonder why no Doctor did enough research to teach people something.

Great Cholesterol Lie

You have been wondering that how comes the truth about cholesterol is finally come out! I know you are eager than never before to read and understand why there is that claim. Why it is true of false, we are yet to understand. If you have read about the Great Cholesterol Lie! I am sure you are just about to buy the eBook online, but just before you could make a point of buying it. You better have a proper review about the book so that you can make an informed decision after this.

What is it?

Great Cholesterol Lie is an eBook that is designed to teach us the truth about cholesterol, the book comes in a PDF form of several pages to read. It teaches about how you have received lies about what causes heart diseases, since you had believed and may be still believe that heart diseases are caused by excess cholesterol that flows through your arteries.

The amazing truth according to the originator of the program is that your body needs cholesterol to function well, and if you deny your body the amount of cholesterol it needs, then it has the capacity to manufacture its own product and use it accordingly. That vital fact is something to ponder about; it will make you think twice about cholesterol. The eBook exposes all truths and lies about the cholesterol; it also teaches you on how to rectify the damage you have caused yourself over the years.

Who is the author?Great Cholesterol Lie Free

The originator of this lovely eBook is non-other than Dr. Dwight Lundell, he is American based Cardiologist who specialized in Thoracic surgery. He is rated as among the 10 best heart Doctors, he is listed in The Beating Heart Hall of Fame in Phoenix,AZ. Dr Lundell has done over 5000 heart surgeries in a period of 10 years, so he is a reliable and professional Heart Doctor.

How does it work?

The Great Cholesterol Lie, comes with vital teachings that exposes where you have gone wrong, it rewrites the bad teachings you have adapted about cholesterol. You will understand what diets to take and maintain in order to put heart ailments away from your life and family, it’s well-structured and will guide you on how to avoid being a heart disease sufferer, it has simple natural steps that will help you to become free of heart ailments. There are no drugs or pills to be taken in his methods of heart disease healing and prevention. Inflammation is actually the main cause of heart diseases that is why many people die not cholesterol as it been taught falsely.


Who is it designed for?

The program is designed for everybody since we all need to lead healthy lives free from heart diseases. It is primarily designed for people who have been fighting cholesterol in their system, and to people who believe that cholesterol is responsible for heart disease and other health problems. But it suits every household around the world especially in United States where the main killer diseases are heart related.


  • Easy to reach online.
  • Can be accessed and downloaded using any computer program.
  • Easy to read and understand, it’s an eBook of 96 pages only.
  • Authored by a renowned 25 years heart surgeon, Dr. Dwight Lundell.
  • Comes with 3 bonuses of live interviews from reliable Cardiologists.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Dedicated customer support and follow up.


  • It is available only online as an eBook.
  • It doesn’t come with all bonus videos.
  • There is another print book by the same author known as “The Cure For Heart Disease-Truth Will Save a Nation” it goes for $25 dollars.

Great Cholesterol Lie Discount

All in all the eBook is worth buying and investing in to, it has exposed all lies about cholesterol. Above all, it offers solutions on how to prevent heart disease for you and your family, click the website and get your copy today!

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