Five Steps To Healthy Summer Skin For the Elderly

As we age, our skin starts to sag and lose all the bright glow. Older adults are not able to take care of their skin in a better way, and their skin tends to get more affected since it is way more sensitive than the skin of us adults. But taking care of an elderly’s skin is not all that hard, you will just need to keep a few steps in your mind. Read below to find out how you can keep their skin soft and glowing through the summers.

Five Steps To Healthy Summer Skin For the Elderly

  1. Hydration is the Key

Keeping a healthy skin is not hard if you hydrate the skin on a regular basis, elderly can be forgetful about their daily food and water intake and therefore you ought to keep an eye on how well-hydrated they are. In summers, we lose a lot of water by sweating to we continuously need to hydrate our bodies. Even if your elderly parent doesn’t get out of the house much and do not sweat a lot, you should set reminders for them to drink water more often. Make sure the water is available in their room at midnight etc. This would help a lot in keeping them hydrated.

  1. A Regular Workout

Workout brings a rosy glow to the cheeks if you have ever looked into a mirror right after exercise, but there is more the effects of exercising. Exercise helps the blood circulates through our body which keeps our skin very healthy and glowing. There are other benefits of working out as well, as we age our muscles become more and weaker. Exercising regularly keeps them fit and working just fine. And it doesn’t only strengthen the muscles of your body; it also makes your bones and tissues strong. It increases the stamina and therefore, the immunity against various diseases as well. Research has found that exercise can minimise the chances of diseases like dementia significantly.

  1. Healthy Diet

Consuming a healthy diet is as vital to the skin as it is to the body. It is evident that if a person is healthy, internally their skin remains healthy. So you need to consume good food, that is healthy and purely organic. If you haven’t yet taken your elderly parent to a nutritionist yet, please do so now. He will guide you about their dietary requirements and let you know what they should consume. Also, they might give you a diet chart for your parent. Ask them about what vitamins the elderly should consume. To keep track of their diet, you should get a journal and write everything down in that journal so that you do not forget something. Never compromise on the food of your elderly parent.

  1. Keep Them Out of the Sun

Another important step is keeping the elderly out of the sun. As we age, our skins become more sensitive to diseases. We are prone to getting skin cancer and other similar diseases, so you should make sure that your elderly do not get out in the sun much and take care of their skin. Get a good sunblock for them and try to find a moisturizer with a higher SPF. This will aid in keeping their skin healthy and fresh. Similarly, you need t make sure that your parent’s shower has a filter and they do not get burnt by extra hot water. Keep the shower in check yourself. Even a sunburn can cause irritation and itching, and if scratched it might become a wound. This can prove infectious.

  1. Public Pools and Hot Showers

Did you know that seniors can have serious skin diseases from the chlorinated water in the public pools and showers? This can be damaging therefore older adults are advised to not visit those public swimming pools in hot summer days. Staying in water for long can make our skin lose the nutrients which are not suitable for skin’s health. So if you want your elderly to have that healthy skin, please make them refrain from visiting the public baths and pools. Hot showers can scald their sensitive skin and burn it. Therefore you should avoid the hot showers as well. 

These are some tips which you can consider when planning a skin care routine for the elderly. Take extra care with the skin of diabetic elderly people because they are prone to wounds that don’t heal.

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