How to Care For an Adult Circumcision Surgery Incision At Home

Circumcision is a surgical procedure that aims at removing the skin covering the head of the penis. This skin is the foreskin, which doctors push away from the head of the penis and trim off. The surgeon then sews down the edges using small dissolvable stitches that dissolve. Your doctor may use one of the different techniques to proceed with the adult circumcision surgery. Usually, surgeons give men the permission to go back home on the very same day as the surgery.

After the surgery, swelling is something common and lasts for the first two days. Generally, it is not so painful and over the counter, drugs can help to relieve the pain such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Over your entire penis, you will probably have a dressing. You need to follow the directions of your doctor when the time for removal comes. It is advisable that you wear underwear that is comfortable during this phase. Some men prefer to wear tight fitting ones for support, while others prefer to wear loose briefs. Wear one that helps to keep your penis upright, as it will help the swelling to go down. Usually, you should know that the swelling fades away within three weeks after the procedure.

You can return to your work and normal routine only when you feel you are ready for it when the wound heals. As you read this post, it will give you an idea of how long the recovery period will last. However, know that each person’s recovery phase will be different. Here are some simple care tips you need to follow as soon as possible.

Care Tips to Follow at Home


  • It is best that you take some rest when you feel tired. Sleeping through a lot during this phase can help your body to relax and heal better
  • As each day passes, you should also try to walk. You can start by walking for a few minutes and increase it bit by bit and increase the amount you walk
  • You may also shower when you have the bandage on your penis. You can pat the incision area dry after opening it and take some short baths if you wish
  • During the recovery period at home, you have to avoid strenuous activities such as weightlifting, bicycle riding, jogging and aerobic exercises for at least four weeks or until your surgeon or physician advice otherwise
  • When you feel comfortable, you can return to normal activities including driving.


  • When it comes to diet, after a Circumcision Center surgery, you can eat a normal However, if you end up having stomach upset problems, you should try low-fat foods such as broiled chicken, plain rice, yogurt, and toast
  • Keep yourself well hydrated with plenty of fluids unless your surgeon advises you to do otherwise.


  • Your surgeon would inform you when you can take medicines. They would also give you the right instructions to follow when taking any new medicines
  • If you end up taking blood thinners, including some like clopidogrel (Plavix), warfarin (Coumadin), or aspirin, you have to make sure that you talk to your surgeon. They would advise you on what is the best option to allow the incision to heal
  • If your doctor prescribes painkillers, make sure that you take them as they prescribe
  • Take over the counter drugs only when you do not have a prescription for the pain
  • Take antibiotics as your doctor prescribes and do not stop taking them unless they tell you when to stop
  • If your medicines make you feel sick in the stomach, take them after meals.

Incision care

  • When your doctor says, you should remove any dressing. You should avoid soaking it in a warm bath. You should wear underwear that is comfortable for you.

Ice and elevation

  • You can put some ice or cold pack on your groin for about 10-20 minutes at a time. Every 1 to 2 hours in the first day, you can put a thin cloth between your skin and ice to give the area some ice pack healing.

Follow-Up Care

In terms of follow-up care, safety and treatment are a key element you should not ignore. Make sure that you visit your surgeon and go to all appointments. Call your surgeon or doctor if you experience any problems. It is also advisable that you know your test results and keeps up with prescription medicines you take.

Although the adult circumcision surgery does not come with any kind of side effects or post-surgical complications, sometimes these could be rare and include:

  • high fever
  • Incisions opening
  • Bleeding
  • Pus draining from the incisions
  • Pain

If you experience any one of these problems, it is advisable that you consult your doctor immediately. Ask for the best mode of treatment and other precautionary measures to implement at home.

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