Can You Reduce the Risk of Penis Cancer?

Whilst it’s strongly suggested through cancer rates that a lot of cases of penile cancer can indeed be prevented, there is no guarantee that you won’t avoid cancer of the penis. You can decrease the risk of multiple types of cancers by taking into consideration some common factors.

In this article, we will be breaking down the main prevention factors which have been suggested by cancer professionals to decrease the risk of penis cancer.

Practice Good Genital Hygiene

Considered one of the most vital factors when looking to prevent your risk of developing penile cancer is keeping up good hygiene levels, this is particularly important for circumcised men.

If you have trouble washing your genital area appropriately, it’s highly recommended that you get in touch with your doctor. They can provide cream and ointment which will make the task easier to complete and keep the penis clean from being exposed to harmful germs and diseases.

You can get some good guidelines on genital hygiene for men all over the internet, such as at the following resource:

penis cancer

Smoking Can Cause Penis Cancer

Much like most other cancer variants, smoking will increase your chances of gaining or growing cancerous cells, penis cancer is no different.

We suggest quitting smoking and/or never picking up a cigarette if you haven’t before. This will help reduce the likelihood of developing this type of cancer, research has even shown that there is a link between smoking and penile cancer. Stopping smoking also helps you prevent a whole host of problems that your body can gain from the harmful habit, so it may be time to kick the bad habit altogether.

You can get some really useful advice for stopping smoking from resources such as the American Lung Association and the Cancer Council in Australia.

Protect yourself from HIV & Other STIs

Research from penis cancer experts has shown that men with AIDS have a greater risk of developing penile cancer. There are different theories as to why having AIDS puts you at a higher risk of getting penis cancer.

The first is that it’s all related to the weakened immune system which you develop when you are recovering from AIDS. The second reason is that it might be linked to various risk factors which are associated with being a man who carries the AIDS virus. An example of this would be that men with HIV are more likely to smoke cigarettes and to carry the HPV infection.

When You Think That Something Isn’t Right, Go See a Professional

While a cure certainly isn’t easy, prevention is key. The idea is to always be looking for the symptoms of penile cancer.

There are many things to look out for, including, a lump on the penis, brown growths, discharge from the penis and under the foreskin, a red rash forming and an area of skin changing colour or becoming thicker.

If you take regular checks of your crotch area you can practice a healthy maintenance of preventing penis cancer – if you notice anything which might make you think you have penile cancer, we recommend that you book an appointment to see penis cancer experts such as LUA in the UK or the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in America.

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