[Tips] 10 Best Foods For Healthy Teeth and Gums

Teeth are important and they need regular care like any other body part. They are not only needed to chew and talk but also to have a pleasing appearance. Often, our lack of oral hygiene leaves us disappointed as it gets our teeth stained, discolored or decayed to some extent.

Healthy and white teeth needs some doing and you should understand that well. To keep the teeth pearly white and glowing with charm, you need to give it time. You can fix a meeting with the dentist to know more about the ways to keep the teeth healthy and white.

Tips For Healthy, White Teeth

Here are some tips to keep the teeth healthy and white:

  • Be careful with your diet: Have you been drinking red wine or black tea a lot lately? Smoking cigars or cigarettes? Colas, dark juices, fruit juices too? Well, they are harmful to your teeth and the earlier you understand the better. If you are having one of these foods or drinks regularly, then don’t forget brushing the teeth immediately after or use a bleaching agent to minimize the risks.
  • Change your toothbrush often: Don’t use a toothbrush beyond three months. Hard bristles are the result when the brush tears or wears down with constant use. Make sure to put only soft bristles on your teeth as they do cleaning in a gentle manner. This way, you keep the enamel away from harm and keep the teeth healthy for longer.
  • Clean your tongue: When there is a build-up of bacteria on the tongue, it leads to bad breath. So, right after teeth brushing, take to tongue cleaning. Use a tongue scraper every morning to get the plaque out of your tongue and keep the breath freshen. Rather than using a toothbrush, try scraper as it does tongue cleaning more effectively.
  • Use baking soda and apple cider vinegar: Every morning, gargle with apple cider vinegar to remove stain, kill bacteria in the mouth and whiten the teeth. Then next, you can use baking soda once a week to brush the teeth. This way, you remove stains and get the teeth whitened. Salt is a good alternative as it does help in the same way as baking soda does.
  • Use mouthwash: Using mouthwash is great to keeping the breath fresh. Rather than using water, make sure to use mouthwash and fight off the risks of bacteria in more effective manner. Avoid using mouthwash that has traces of alcohol as it won’t help and rather can cause the bacteria to grow further.
  • Floss regularly: There is more to healthy teeth than just brushing and tongue cleaning. You need to floss on a regular basis to stick foods items out of your teeth. Not flossing the teeth means you give bacteria a chance to grow and cause damage to your teeth.
  • Brush twice a day: Brushing is perhaps the most basic form of oral care hygiene you should follow on a regular basis. Do brush twice a day. First, when you get up in the morning and second, when you’re about to hit the bed at night.
  • Brush gently and thoroughly: It pays to brush in a gentle and thorough manner. The brush should reach deep into the mouth so take out plaque and stuck food articles in the mouth. Roll your brush in the mouth in a zigzag manner and this takes out all what stuck between the teeth.

So, meet the dentist Middle Village and get to know more about your dental health and tips to have white teeth. Take good care of teeth and keep it as white and healthy as you wish.

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